Remove iPhone Flash Yellow Skin

Start by loading the photo that you want to correct into Photo Sweets. From the main screen, select the "Photo Library Button" or the "Camera Button" to take a new picture.

Photo Sweet - Main Screen

The picture will load into Photo Sweets.

Photo Sweets - Editing Screen

Select the "Filter Button" to bring up Photo Sweets list of filters.

Filter Button on Photo Sweets Editing

You should see a list of filters appear at the bottom of the screen.

filters in photo sweets

Scroll to the right to see the "iPhone Flash Fix" filter.

iPhone flash filx filter selction

The filter will load and you will see a slider and a color selection box.


iPhone flash fix filter loaded

You may already see the yellow color removed from the skin. If you don’t see enough yellow removed from the skin try touching on an area of the skin to sample a new color. You can zoom into the face by double tapping to get a more accurate sample.

iPhone flash fix filter zoomed in

The color selection will update after you touch the skin. You can drag the slider to control the amount of yellow you want to remove from the skin.

iPhone Flash Fix filter with the section updated.

When you are ready to process the image, click the “Apply” button. Click “Cancel” if you don’t want to process the image with the filter. After, clicking the “Apply” button the photo sweets will begin removing the yellow color from the skin.

iPhone Flash Fix Filter Processing

After Photo Sweets is finished, you will be brought back to the editing screen with the yellow removed from the skin.

iPhone Flash Fix Filter Finished