Blue X - Details


BlueX automatically loads Unencrypted Blu-ray disk or AVCHD video. Plug-in your AVCHD camera and BlueX will find the video and automatically load it. Insert a Blu-ray disk that doesn’t contain copy protection, and BlueX will display the video files contained on the disk. You can play, and scrub through the Blu-ray video directly from the disk without any conversion.

Re-wrap H.264 Video in Quicktime

Since H.264 is supported by Quicktime, BlueX transfers the H.264 video from an AVCHD video or Blu-ray disk into a Quicktime movie. This means that video is not altered in any way by this process. It is identical in quality because it is the same video that was contained on the original Blu-ray disk.

Faster than Real-time Conversion

BlueX can work much faster than real-time because the video is not recompressed. BlueX does this by placing the Blu-ray H.264 video into a new Quicktime movie without changing it. By doing this, it avoids the time consuming decompression and recompression used by other video converters. This means the video is ready to use faster and the quality is identical to the original Blu-ray disk.

Use with Any Quicktime Compatible Application

BlueX created Quicktime movies are compatible with any Quicktime compatible application. Quicktime movies created with BlueX can be dropped directly into a Final Cut Pro timeline or an iMovie HD project. The video can be used in a Keynote presentation without any changes.

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