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Pic Share It - Send Blazingly Fast

Pic Share It sends your pictures and video to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Just load the Pic Share It App on your iOS device and on your Mac and transfer files wirelessly. Pic Share It eliminates the slow and painful syncing process by transfering your files over the air.

No Syncing Required to Send Files to your iPad,iPod,iPhone with Pic Share It Send movies and photos to your iOS device without the painfully slow process of syncing with iTunes. No more accidently wiping out your play lists or music files just to transfer one movie. Pic Share It transfers the files directly and saves it to your Camera Roll.
Pic Share It - Automatically Converts your Movies to H.264 Pic Share It checks if the video files are compatible with your iPad, iPod Touch of iPhone. If the video needs conversion, Pic Share It will do it for you. If it's already compatible with your iOS device, Pic Share It will send it without converting.
Pic Share It Transfers over your Wi-Fi Network Pic Share It transfers files over your Wi-Fi network for maximum speed and flexiblity. There's no need to worry about worry about cables anymore.
Pic Share It automatically saves movies and images to your iOS device's camera roll. All files are automatically saved to your iOS device's camera roll. Movies and photos are instantly accessible to all iOS Apps.

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