veescope key

Using Veescope Key in Motion

Final Image

This tutorial will show you how to use the Veescope Key plug-ins inside Motion. The same basic technique can be applied to using Veescope Key in Final Cut Pro, as well.

You will need to download these media files to complete this tutorial. Download and expand the following disk image.

Download Media Disk Image

Start Motion and create a new project with the HDTV 720p preset.


You should now have a brand new project.

Blank Project

Select the “Project Properties” from the “Edit” menu.

Change Project Properties

Change the duration of the project to 5 seconds.

Project Properties

Place the background image in the scene and center it.

Project With Background

Next, import the foreground movie and center it.

Project With Foreground Movie

Next, select the “Library” Tab and the filters sub-tab. Then select the “Veescope Key” “Chroma Key” filter and drag it on top of the Preview window.

Filters Tab View

Select the “Veescope Keyer” “Edges” filter drag it on to the Preview window.

Edges Filter Tab View

Click on the “Inspector” tab. You should see both the "Chroma Key" and the "Edges" filters in this view.

Inspector Filter Tab View


Find the "Edges" filter in the tab view.

Enable The Edges Filter

Disable the "Edges" filter for now.

Disable The Edges Filter

Under the “Chroma Key” filter, select the “Color” well.

Color Well

This should cause the "Colors" panel to show up.

Colors Panel

Click on the “Magnifying Glass” icon and select part of the green back ground in the movie. Once selected, the background picture should show through.

Initial Chroma Key effect

Click back on the black triangle in the “Chroma Key” filter’s color control to reveal the color component values.

Color Components

Change “Red” to .18, “Green” to .36, and “Blue” to .14.

Color Components With Values

Change the “Luma Range” to .17 and the “T Luma” to 0.0.

Luma Range Values

The Preview window should now look like this.

Preview Window With Adjusted Values

You should still see some green edges around the foreground movie. Zoom into the movie at 200%, by changing the option at the top left of the preview window.

Adjust Preview Parameters

You should now see the image at 200%.

Preview at 200%

Click on the “Enable De-spiller” option in the “Chroma Key” filter.

Disable the Chroma Key

Disable the “Enable Chroma Key” option, so that you can see the original movie.

Disabled Chroma Key Option

You should now see the following in the preview window.

De-spill Movie

Enable the De-spiller in the "Chroma Key" Filter. Move the “Spill Adjust” slider until the green edges are as gray as possible. A value of .17 should be fairly close to optimal.

Adjust the De-spiller

Turn the “Chroma Key” filter back on.

Re-enable the Chroma Key Filter

The green around the edges should now be gone.

Green Be Gone

Enable the “Edges” filter.

Enable The Edges Filter

The foreground should now have a blurry look to it.

Preview With Edges Enabled

The “Edges” allows you to create a natural transition between the foreground and the background.

Change the controls to the following values

Adjust Edges Parameters

The transition should now look fairly natural and smooth.

Final Image