Veescope Live Features

Digital Video Recorder

Record from any Quicktime compatible input device directly to hard drive. Start the recording by pressing the space-bar on the key board. Stop the recording by pressing the space-bar again. Each time you record, the file name is incremented, so you never overwrite a previous take.

Overscan/Title Safe overlays

See what part of the frame will show up when the video displayed on a television set.

Live Chroma Keyer

Real-time chroma keying is performed directly on the live video source. There's no need to guess about what the final shot will look like. Now, you can see it. Any Quicktime movie can be used to fill in the background. Veescope Live can loop the movie, or pause it on a certain frame.


This vectorscope is overlaid directly on top of the video, so you can see how adjustments in lighting and the camera controls affect the brightness and saturation of the colors. A vectorscope will help perfectly light a chroma key backdrop. Get perfect flesh tones every time with the vectorscope's built in flesh line.

Waveform Monitor

Adjusting the lighting in a scene has never been easier with this waveform monitor. This scope is overlayed direclty on top of the video, so you can instantly spot where the scene is too bright or too dark.

High/Low Zebra patterns

High and low zebra patterns give you feedback on when something is too bright or too dark in the video.

Aspect ratio correction

User selectable from 16:9,4:3, or codec native aspect ratios.

Monitor multiple video feeds at once

Veescope Live can monitor as many video feeds as your computer can handle. Calibrate all the cameras on a multi-cam shoot.

Fast efficient user interface

Designed for maximum efficiency, Veescope Live has a clean uncluttered interface. Shooting video is stressful enough without having to fumble around multiple windows. Veescope Live puts everything into a single window. Tab views along the bottom provide fast access to Veescope Live's controls.