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Veescope Live provides real-time visual feed back on a live video source connected to your Apple MacIntosh computer. Veescope displays real-time chroma key, and high and low video level Zebra patterns. It uses the computer's graphics card, instead of the CPU allowing for much better performance.

Veescope Live works with any Quicktime video input source, such as a DV firewire stream, or a high-definition video capture card. In addition, Veescope Live can display a waveform or vectorscope directly on top of the video.

Veescope Live provides industry standard scopes such as, Waveform and Vector. Veescope Live overlays any scope directly on top of the video in order for you to locate problems with the video. The video underneath the scope is changed to black and white, in order to make the scope more visible.

Veescope Live in the News:

Veescope Live replaces $60,000 in dedicated video hardware

Veescope Live featured in Event DV Magazine


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Demo Movie (click to view)
Veescope Live Shot Examples

In these samples, Veescope Live was used on the set to match the lighting and perspective with the background.